5 easy steps towards more sustainability

  1. Buy organic products

Yes, some people told me “but it´s so expensive” and it is a bit more expensive. But I noticed if you buy more regional and seasonal the difference is not that big. If you buy organic strawberries in winter of course it´s really expensive. Besides that I think producing foods in a sustainable way that is way less harmful to nature has a cost and I am willing to pay for it. Then there is another aspect: our health. There are plenty of studies that show how conventional food is full of chemicals, pesticides etc. which are harmful on a long-term perspective. So at the same time you are investing in your health. Besides that I honestly have a really good feeling when I shop at organic stores. I feel that my money goes to good companies that treat their employees better, treat nature better and that produce high quality products.

  1. Buy more second hand

I my opinion it´s so important to not support companies such as H&M, Primark etc. I am not saying I never buy there but I really try to reduce it and I figured out that buying second hand is so much fun. It´s way cheaper, it´s sustainble and it´s more creative. In my student´s room for example everything is second hand except the curtains. And it was so much fun to explore flee markets. I try to buy things second hand as much as I can from clothes over furniture and books.

  1. Avoid waste

It´s the little things that are easy and still make an impact. I try to never buy plastic bottles. I once bought myself a really nice glass bottle, where I can put hot teas (I am a tea addict) and during summer water with lemons. I take it with me everywhere and just refill it when it´s empty. It also saves me some money. Then I always have linen bags with me so I don´t need plastic bags for my shoppings. I don´t buy paper towels for the kitchen and I use bamboo straws. Ordering drinks at bars or restaurant without straws could make a change as well.

  1. Change bank

Actually it is so important which bank to provide my money with. In Germany every conventional bank is involved in the arms industry and not just a little bit (it´s a huge business promising great revenues). And of course supporting a lot of harmful projects as well such as food speculation and nuclear power. I don´t want my money to support such things.

  1. Eat less animal products

I think eventually we know that eating meat, milk and eggs is causing a lot of environmental problems (and also unhealthy) not even talking about the ethical implications. By taking little steps such as eating meat only once a week, trying oat milk for cereals in the morning, or just trying out new vegan recipes we can make a huge impact!

Taking a bike, using public transport etc. of course is important but I didn’t even mention that because I thought everyone would know that as a first step already.

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