7 things you should know before traveling Nepal

  1. Hiking

Definetely get good hiking equipment especially high quality hiking shoes! Also get good band-aids and Iodine serum because it is almost for sure that you will have blisters. Iodine serum helped me a lot and as I didn´t have band-aids with me a guy I met during my trip saved me by giving me some of his (I love moments like these… people just helping each other, I was so thankful).

It is also recommendable to do some workout before your trip preparing your body for long hiking days.

You don´t need to take tents or anything like that. When you go hiking there are simple wooden guest houses on the way that offer food and accomodation. During high season (in October and November) it is also recommendable to take a thick sleeping bag because eventhough usually they provide blankets sometimes the guest houses get so crowded that there are only spots in the common areas where to sleep over with a sleeping bag.

  1. Cold

A lot of people visiting Nepal for the first time are not aware of the fact that it gets really cold at night also in Kathmandu. In the mountains it´s even worse and they don´t have heating systems there. Before going to the mountains a nepalese girl recommended me to buy a hot-water bag and take it with me. That really saved me since up in the mountains it would be around -20 degrees at night and there are only simple wooden houses to sleep in. Furthermore my muscels really hurt the first days and the heat helped to relax my legs and feet.

  1. Sun

The sun in the mountains is super strong especially combined with the snow. I met some tourists back in Kathmandu that had horryfing burns in their faces. Better get a high protection sunscreen and take something with you to cover your head during the day.

  1. Organizing trips

You can organize the hiking trips that you want to do on your own. You don´t need an agency nor a guide. There is the possibility to get a porter and a guide. It usually costs 20-30 dollars per day. But you can get the permits at the offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara by yourself, get the bus tickets and go on your own. That´s what I did.

  1. Bargaining

In Nepal it is common to bargain. Keep that in mind to get fair deals.

  1. Hygiene

Definetely bring some good stomach and digestion medicine as well as some wet wipes. It is almost common to have stomach and diarrhea problems from time to time. Charcoal tablets helped me a lot!

  1. Nepalese

Prepare for falling in love with Nepal. You will be touched by the constantly smiling nepalese people and by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains!

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