My way towards sustainable living

After reading more and more articles on how our environment is being affected by our unsustainble way of living, by our lifestyle that is marked by mass consumption and unnecessary waste it gets more urgent than ever to do something about it and take little steps towards a more sustainable living. Politics is just frustrating when dealing with this matter. At the same time I feel the need to stop pointing my finger on others and blaming them. Eventually I as a consumer have some power, too and I can have an appreciable impact. My choices do matter. Especially taking into account that I am not the only one who wants change and is trying to start with own first little steps, one by one towards more sustainability.

What was very important to me in that process towards a more sustainable living is to take it slowly and be patient with myself. After realizing how much suffering is caused by our living standard and economic system I felt I needed to change my whole life immediately and put a lot of pressure on myself.  However it also requires a lot of research to find out which solutions are the best. I would need to check on so many issues regarding my role as a consumer.

So first of all I needed to be understanding with myself and not blaming myself all the time, creating awareness about this topic and start with very little steps to keep myself motivated. After meeting a lot of people that felt similar towards all the problems our consumption choices are causing I felt that some of them were filled with anger and bitterness and were so concerned about everything that they couldn’t enjoy life that much anymore. I can totally relate and I have also been at these points during my process. At the point were I just felt frustrated about how people are destroying our planet and causing so much suffering.

But I decided I would have much more energy and also create more impact on others if I would concentrate on the little positive steps we could each do and also celebrate every little change towards more sustainability. By visiting trade fairs and other events that deal with sustainability, by reading studies and articles from time to time, by connecting with others that are on the same path and are involved in exciting projects providing new solutions  and by watching documentaries I get more and more inspirations. And it’s also making me happy to meet so many wonderful humans that feel the same way and are trying to make a change!

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