The perfect 3 weeks travel route for Cuba

What I wanted to explore most in Cuba was daily life and the perspective cubans have on life. I wanted to experience the traces that living under a totally different system – communism – would have left on the cuban people. Besides that I always love to see much of the nature. So these are the factors that influenced the way I chose the travel route for three weeks.

My travel route turned out to be Havana-Vinales-Cienfuegos-Trinidad-Havana.

I think it´s a perfect travel route for three weeks and these places are definetely must-sees in Cuba offering nice old town neighborhoods to explore as well as beautiful nature around that can be explored either by renting a car together with people you meet or also by horse. For all these routes I took shared car rides. That was the easiest and most flexible way to get around. I just had to ask Cubans where these cars would leave, go there and take a car together with other tourists. The rides were a little tough since about 90 percent of the cars in Cuba are these cool cars from the 50s. It is of course exciting to ride on these cars but after a few hours without air conditioner, without suspension of the vehicle and really loud noises from the motor you are tired. I loved it though. It was adventurous.


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