A perfect stay in Madeira

The first idea you would have when you think about hotels and accomodations in Madeira would maybe be to stay in Funchal. We did otherwise though. We stayed in Calheta which is about 45 min car drive away from Funchal. And actually we were happy to have done so. It was so nice to have a calm and peaceful area surrounded by nature and having a stunning view on the ocean. It is important to mention though that we have rented a car which made getting around really easy. I recommend that to everyone who wants to travel Madeira. It is so nice to just take the car and explore the areas, being able to stop anywhere where it seems like another amazing view.

Our hotel we stayed at during the whole time was Atrio. And honestly I can really recommend that place. The stay there includes an amazing breakfast with full grain, organic german bread (every german is so happy about this), fresh fruits (every day different, mostly exotic local fruits which was exciting), fresh juices, cereals, nuts, peanutbutter (happy me) and many organic products. It was so good for me to have the possibility of taking all these fresh vitamines every morning and of course I was so happy to have so many nice vegan options.To read more about my experience as a vegan in Madeira click here.

The location is really nice, surrounded by nature and it is a good place to start trips from. The hotel also offers organizing tours etc and the prices are reasonable. The staff is super friendly and overall it was a relaxing place with a peaceful atmosphere. You can also have dinner there, they offer a variety of good wines, they have a nice swimming pool and also a spa area. After a long day of hiking you can have a massage, after that order a wine, take it to the terrace and enjoy an amazing view, hear the chirping of insects and watch the stars (that´s what we did and we loved it).

For further information on the hotel check out their webpage: Atrio.

Our room! This bed was so big and cozy! We absoluteley loved it.

Hotel Madeira

Swimming pool and view!

Madeira view

Also the view from the hotel at the entrance

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