About me

Hello there! I’m Jana,  a 26-year-old student in Lüneburg, Germany. This blog is all about exploring this fascinating world and accompanying me in daily life.

I love to travel and nature fascinates me. Playing the piano is my passion, Im a big fan of classical music and I work as a barpianist in a Hotel next to my studies. I’m vegan because of my compassion for animals and nature which makes health and sustainability to another important aspect of my life. This blog provides you with my travel experiences and I want to share things that I love of my daily life with you.

How I became the person I am now:

I was born in Bergisch Gladbach, a small town in West Germany as the oldest of three daughters. I was raised very liberal and can recall many happy moments of my childhood. My view on life has changed a lot by an experience I made very early in my life. At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with a big tumor in my thyroides. My doctor said it was quite serious which made me start to think about death. Thinking about death actually brings you closer to life, makes you think what life is actually about. Many questions arose: What would be the story of my life if I was to die now? What would I like to do if I had only a few months left? What were the most precious moments of my life?

What I found out for myself is that the most precious moments were moments of connection with other people I loved, well actually moments of love and also details of daily life such as the feeling I would have entering my grandparents home knowing they would sit in their chairs chatting, long nights with me sitting next to my dad at the piano playing classical pieces for me or just lying in bed with my cat on my stomach purring. This realization would change my perspective on life and I started living very conscious, appreciating all the little details of life.

I also began thinking that if I had to leave this world soon I would like to see more facets of this diversity we have on earth regarding the nature as well as the rich variety of cultures and this is how my passion for traveling started.

I was lucky enough that the surgery of the tumor I had went very well. After all I have gone through after I was recovered and had the chance to start a new life I started seeing the disease as a gift. A gift I was given at a very young age: seeing life differently and understanding that it´s all about knowing what to want from life and appreciating every moment.