About me

Hello there! My name is Jana, I am 28 years old and I am living in the North of Germany, in Hamburg. Quick facts about me: I am a serious tea addict, I am not a morning person, so don’t talk to me before 9 am. I love long breakfasts, I am crazy about my smoothies, I love classical music (my friends say I’m a grandma), my piano is my holy space, my plants are my babies and I love long walks in nature. This blog started a few years ago with the idea of sharing my passion for traveling and now deals more with sustainability inspirations as I realized traveling needs to take some steps backwards for me for sustainability reasons.

During my travel experiences I learned more and more how connected I feel to nature and how much it heals me to spend time in nature. I realized loving nature for me means caring for it and trying to not cause any harm. Well, the opposite is happening because of the system we live in, that I am part of and because of the way we live and this makes me truly sad. I have seen many images of what is done to our earth and that effected me deeply. Throughout the past years I slowly gained more and more awareness about this and I began to explore ways to reduce my personal impact. I also realized that living consciously and trying to live according to my values makes me truly happy.

Oh and what do I actually do in Hamburg? I finished my Master’s degree in Management & Entrepreneurship at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg one year ago and focused on corporate sustainability during my studies. Throughout my studies I realized that economic thinking is often missing out on ethics and I want to take part in changing that. Until recently I have been employed as a project and sustainability manager in an advertising agency that works with sustainable brands. Currently I focus on building up a consulting business that aims to support established companies to implement more sustainability into their operating procedures. Next to that I write piano pieces and in the late evenings I play piano music in bars and on events (for further insights into my piano music click here).

I invite you to follow along with me through my thoughts and findings and if you find any inspiration here on this blog I am already more than happy.

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