The best places for vegans in Salzburg

Salzburg has recently opened more and more fully vegan places and some restaurants became very vegan friendly but it took quite a while for me to find out about all of them, when I just moved here. So first of all here is a quick overview of the best places for you. In the second part of this article I provide a short description of every location as well as photos of the food (most important part, and by the way I took the photos myself unless marked otherwise).

GustaV, full vegan restaurant & café located at: Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 33, 5020 Salzburg, Opening hours: thursday & friday : 11am-8pm , saturday 10am – 6pm

Heart of Joy, vegetarian & vegan restaurant & café located at: Franz-Josef-Straße 3, 5020 Salzburg, Opening hours: monday til thursday: 8am-7pm, friday til sunday: 8am-8:30pm

Tula Bistro, Künstlerhaus Salzburg, vegetarian & vegan restaurant & café located at: Hellbrunner Str. 3, 5020 Salzburg, Opening hours: tuesday til friday 11am-9pm, saturday 11am-6pm

Yuen Restaurant, restaurant with great vegan menu located at: Getreidegasse 24, 5020 Salzburg, Opening hours: tuesday til sunday 11:30am-30pm & 5:30pm-10pm

Organic Pizza, restaurant with great vegan menu located at: Franz-Josef-Straße 24A, 5020 Salzburg, Opening hours: tuesday til saturday 5pm-10pm

The Glass Garden (Hotel Schloss Mönchstein), fancy Michelin star restaurant with a nice vegan menu located at : Mönchsberg Park 26, 5020 Salzburg, Opening hours: thursday til monday 12-1 pm & 6-8:30 pm

Hallein: Pan Café, vegetarian & vegan café located at: Metzgergasse 9, 5400 Hallein, Opening hours: friday 9am- 5pm, saturday 9am- 2pm, sunday til tuesday 9am – 5pm

Franz-Fischer-Hütte a vegetarian & vegan lodge in the mountains at Zederhaus (Lungau) (1 1/2 h car ride away from Salzburg), Am Wald 64, 5584 Zederhaus, Austria


This fully vegan cozy restaurant is located very central and offers a variety of dishes. From colorful salads with self-made plant cheese (absolutely delcious!), soups to sandwiches, raw cakes and fresh smoothies. I personally go there a lot, because the food is just amazing every time. You can also sit outside, which is especially nice during summer.

Website: (not available in English)

Heart of Joy

This place is located very central, close to Mirabellplatz. Their cakes are wonderful. Besides cakes they also offer salads, sandwiches and delicious currys. This place offers enough space to visit also with bigger groups and you can sit outside as well.


© Heart of Joy
© Heart of Joy

Tula Bistro at Künstlerhaus (artist house) Salzburg

The Tula Bistro has just recently opened and decided to offer only vegetarian and vegan meals due to ethical and environmental reasons. It’s also located quite central, close to Mozartplatz. The menu includes tapas, salads, main dishes and cakes. This place offers enough space to visit also with bigger groups and you can as well sit outside.


© Tula Bistro

Website: no website yet

Yuen Restaurant

This restaurant offers a variety of delicious chinese dishes and provides a large vegan menu including vegan starters, main dishes and desserts. It’s located super central in the oldtown area and is a nice place where you can also sit with bigger groups. It’s interior is also quite appealing in chinese style and in summer it’s nice to sit outside.


Organic Pizza

This little restaurant offers delicous pizzas made from 100% organic ingredients and includes a large vegan menu. You can also choose a full grain pizza base with hemp seeds. As for me I really care about the atmosphere and interior of the place where I eat, so this place doesn’t have the most charming interior, but the pizzas are still amazing. And in summer it’s nice to sit outside in the evening.

Website: (not available in English)

Schloss Mönchstein

The Glass Garden is a fine dining restaurant which is part of the 5 star Hotel Schloss Mönchstein. They offer a nice vegan menu (for 68 Euros). This place is certainly quite expensive as it’s a 5 star location and the kitchen has a michelin star but it might be a great option for a special occasion and I highly appreciate their fully vegan menu.


© Hotel Schloss Mönchstein, Salzburg
© Hotel Schloss Mönchstein, Salzburg

Pan Café in Hallein

This place is not in Salzburg but in Hallein which is about 15 min car ride from Salzburg. It’s a small city that you might pass by when exploring the area around Salzburg so I thought it’s worth mentioning. In the Pan Café they offer vegan & vegetarian breakfast, sandwiches, cakes and are specialized in great coffees. During summer it’s really nice to sit outside.

Webiste: (not available in English)

© Pan Café, Hallein

Franz-Fischer-Hütte at Zederhaus (Lungau) (1 1/2 h car ride away from Salzburg)

If you are staying in Salzburg for a longer time and are exploring the region you might want to stop by at one of the first fully vegetarian & vegan lodges in the mountains of Austria, which has just opened up recently. As part of their sustainability efforts they also focus on certified organic products from the region.

Website: (not available in English)

I hope this overview was helpful to navigate through Salzburg and I hopefully didn’t miss out on any vegan delicousness. If you have discovered another one, let me know.

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