How to make your room cozy

It´s so easy to make a space cozy even with very little effort. During my time I spent as a student I lived in five different districts of Berlin. I have moved many times in my life but to be honest I always loved the fact that I had a new room, sometimes really ugly rooms and I could make it pretty and cozy. I even lived in a room that only had 8 m2 and I love it.                                       
So here are the key factors to make a room cozy:

  1. Add pillows and plants

Get a few pillows and some plants, put the pillows on your bed, on your sofa, on your chairs or sometimes even on the floor. It makes the room look cozy. Curtains are also a nice way to make a room cozier and there are plenty ones that are affordable.

  1. Make space

Since I´ve lived in places that were often very very small and I also always needed extra space for my piano I came up with some ideas to save space. You can save space by either installing some shelfes under the ceiling or by buying a high bed (or just make the bed higher) and then put boxes under the bed where you can store things or clothes. I never had a closet in my room. It takes a lot of space. I only had a shelf and the boxes under my bed. That was enough. And eventhough my rooms were always small they still seemed to spacious.

  1. Choose white

If you are not sure which colors to pick just choose white for everything. That makes it easy. Easy to combine furnitures and also it makes the room look bigger and more organized. In case it will end up being too white (for my taste it is never too white) you can get some colored pillows at the end and that way have some colored accentuations in the room.


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