What you need to know before traveling to Madeira

Madeira landscapeShot of Madeira´s landscape

Madeira is a beautiful, portugese island close to Marocco that only started existing one million years ago due to a vulcanic eruption. Because of its origin it has steep, high mountains and perfect soil for a large variety of flowers. That is why it is also known as the island of flowers. The best time to travel Madeira is probably in March/April because that´s the time when most of the flowers bloom, when it is not raining a lot and you will have mild temperatures all over the island. Over the summer it gets hotter and at the end of summer it might be hot enough that the ocean warms up and you would be able to swim. Generally you can travel Madeira all over the year.

Because of the high cliffs and the strong ocean waves of the atlantic this island is not really suited for beach experiences. There are some artificial beaches but they are not really nice (in my opinion). There is another small island close to the main Island that has nice beaches but in general I would say Madeira is not the place to go if you want to have some nice beach holidays.

Another aspect that is important to know before traveling Madeira is that its not that cheap. In fact it is quite expensive. The best thing you can do in Madeira in order to have an awesome time there is to rent a car and be flexible that way. Otherwise you have to book tours and buses which is costy as well.

Madeira is definetely a place where you want to hike and explore the mountains a bit. There are easy routes and difficult ones. The easy ones I would say you don´t even need hiking shoes for. So it all depends on how active you want to be on your holidays.

If you are vegetarian or vegan you better don´t have high expectations on the food there. I am vegan and my boyfriend is vegetarian. We had a really tough time finding vegetarian food. Vegan not even to talk of. Mostly they didnt even have any vegetarian option on the menue. After a while that got really frustrating to be honest. The read more about being vegan in Madeira and to get to know my two recommendations for vegans read further here.

Overall Madeira was a really unique and beautiful place to visit though. The nature there was overwhelming and people were always friendly!

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