The perfect travel route for 4 weeks in Brazil

My flight was from Germany to Rio de Janeiro both way. I went for four weeks and especially took a longer time exploring Rio since it has always been a city that attracted me and fascinated me. My travel route was Rio de Janeiro – Manaus (Amazon region) – Salvador – Chapada diamantina – Salvador – Rio de Janeiro. In Brasil you have to take flights for many places because distances are huge. I took flights for each destination there.

In Rio de Janeiro you can explore everything on your own as well as in the other cities. For exploring the Amazon it´s best to just book a flight to Manaus and book the trip to the Amazon there. You will end up in the touristic area which is close to the famous opera house and where many tourist offices are located. It is recommendable to take some time and get the offers from various tourist offices. They all offer similar trips but prices and packages differ a bit. Negotating helps.

Brasil is a huge country offering very diverse landscapes and cultures. I went there with the aim to explore the nature of the Amazon region and to spend longer time in Rio de Janeiro since it has been a city that I always wanted to get to know better. Exploring the Amazon has been adventurous and amazing as well as the other places I went to see. However overall it was quite expensive taking into account all the flights I had to book within Brasil and booking the trips that were usually quite costy as well. However it was definetely worth it!

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